Friday, July 2, 2010

Flower Hair Clips and Clip Holder

So...I love crafting when I have time, I started making Paisley these flower clips for her hair and I love the way they look! I was throwing them in a basket in her bedroom and wanted something to display them and keep them in order, so I then made a Clip holder too! This was my first not the best! I'm going to start working on some other ones that will look a lot better than this! But heres the pics of what I have made already :) I have started selling the flowers for $3 each and the bow holders I will be selling for $15 each.


  1. That's adorable, and the flowers totally add to the look! Visiting from Someday Crafts

  2. That's so cute! I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday til Friday and I would love for you to join the party. There's a giveaway too.

  3. Cute! We've been trying to settle on a solution to our hair clip disorganization. This is a great idea.