Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls with Flowers in their Hair...

I have a new little project I have been working on! Not only am I making flowers for babies but I have fallen in love with the fabric flowers for myself! So I decided to start making them as well :)They are so casual but add some flair to any outfit! I sell both for babies and women. The name for my new designs is Shabby Blossoms Accessories.

Paisley and Me at a baby shower for cousin Emalynn and of course both of us wearing flowers in our hair!

I just love the way they look! I have made them so they slide on and off of headbands but you can also put them on a clip and wear in your hair or use as a broach on a sweater or shirt!

3 Blossoms together with Spring and Summer colors
2 Blossoms together with Animal Print 1 Blossom with Teal & Black, frayed edges for a "shabby" look

I have started making hair bow holders too! Perfect way to keep the flowers in good shape and easy way to match the bows with an outfit!

I just had to add a picture in of Paisley wearing her big flower for her 7 month picture! I love how in this picture it looks like she is pointing at the paper. Geez I love my baby girl so much!
If anyone is interested in purchasing flowers or hair bow holders please leave me a comment with your email and I will send you more information and more pictures.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week! I know I will...leaving for vacation on Wednesday! Woohoo!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend

We had a fabulous 4th of July! It was our first "weekend away" with Paisley. Man I never realized how much more I would have to pack with a baby! We went to Steinhatchee for 2 days and went scalloping with some friends~ well I stayed on the boat with Paisley while Michael scalloped, due to my dislike of saltwater :P It was a very relaxing trip and Paisley loved being on the boat!

Paisley and Mommy looking at the other boats.

Paisley and Daddy in the water~ She loved her little float!

All our scallops~ we got 22 gallons within 2 days!

Me and my Hubby :) (and my other love~Dr. Pepper)

Wish I could fall asleep anywhere....

After our 2nd day of scalloping we got stuck in the rain and had to ride 4 miles back on the boat in the rain~ it was miserable! I felt so bad, it was freezing rain and wind and I was holding Paisley with her life jacket on and a towel over top of us trying to keep warm! We had to unload off the boat and get all the kids in the car and into dry clothes while the guys loaded up the boat. Michael told me this would be something we would look back at and laugh one day...hmmmm...guess I can laugh now that we are all safe and dry!!

Happy 4th of July! This is after our (delicious) dinner at McDonalds on the way home.

I was a little bummed that we would be driving home on 4th of July night and not get to see fireworks, but we were driving through a little town and there was an awesome firework show! So we drove really slow and got to enjoy it!

This is Paisley enjoying her bottle and the fireworks from inside the car~ Poor baby was so tired!

And this is Paisley on the 5th of July in her adorable outfit I didn't get to dress her in on the 4th!

She is just such a happy baby!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th of July!

Monday, July 5, 2010

25 RaNdOm ThInGs AbOut Me

1. I love Big Band music~ It always puts me in a good mood
2. I have never used cruise control
3. I love the beach but hate salt water
4. Chocolate is my weakness
5. I love having a good drink~ Peach tea or an Iced coffee
6. I can't stand messes, things have to be in order (especially before i go to bed)
7. I love eating peanut butter
8. I am obsessive about making list and checking them off when I get something done
9. My dream vacation is Austrailia
10. I wouldn't trade my life for anything
11. My husband truly is my best friend
12. I have about 10 different laughs
13. I love having my toes and nails painted pink
14. My dream job would be an interior decorator or a party planner
15. I was born on my Great Grandmothers Birthday
16. I would much rather be blonde than brunette
17. I hate reading but love any kind of magazine
18. I wish I could sleep till 10 am everyday
19. My favorite flower is a tulip
20. I loved having a pregnant belly
21. I wish I liked to cook more
22. 22 is my favorite number
23. I like organizing everything and then looking at it once its done
24. I love family traditions
25. I never knew what unconditional love was until I had my baby girl, Paisley Brooke!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flower Hair Clips and Clip Holder

So...I love crafting when I have time, I started making Paisley these flower clips for her hair and I love the way they look! I was throwing them in a basket in her bedroom and wanted something to display them and keep them in order, so I then made a Clip holder too! This was my first not the best! I'm going to start working on some other ones that will look a lot better than this! But heres the pics of what I have made already :) I have started selling the flowers for $3 each and the bow holders I will be selling for $15 each.