Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time needs to slow down....

On Thursday, Paisley turned 1 1/2! Since she was born time has just flown by. And our lives have changed tremendously. I almost can't even remember my life before Paisley. What did I do without her? She brings so much joy to our lives and I am so blessed to be her mommy.
Every month since she was born I have written in a journal about her milestones and things that she is doing and learning. So I figured I would start blogging on the major ages and stages. ;)

At 18 Months old ~ Paisley is.....
*25 pounds
*Wearing a size 4-5 shoe
*Wearing 18-24 months clothes
*Wearing a size 5 diaper
*Starting to grow more hair! YAY!
*Copying everything we do
*Becoming more picky on foods...booo :( just like her daddy

Paisley has such a personality! She loves shoes, bows and jewelry just like me but she also loves being outside and riding the Ranger with daddy. She is learning so much and soaks up everything that we teach her. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Dora! And she will sing all the songs from the shows. She has started smiling so big for the camera and will say cheese (sometimes I have to bribe her with chocolate)! She is obsessed with brushing her she sees a toothbrush she say teeeeth and wants to brush them! She also plays tea party with me and LOVES playing with her baby dolls and strolling them around the house.

Paisleys facial features are starting to change a little and she is looking a little more like me, which I love! There are so many things that Paisley does that makes my day everytime. She will pat my arm and say momma momma, like she is proud that she knows who I am. She plays with my earrings and wants to wear my bracelets. She will hug me and wrap her two little arms around my neck. She will give a kiss and pucker her lips up so big, its adorable! And lately she has only been wanting me, she is such a mommas girl and I am soaking up everybit of love that I can because I know that soon enough she will become a daddys girl and I will be jealous.

The other day I was leaving my moms house and she yelled out to me "I love you as much as you love Paisley!!" And I haven't really ever thought about that. I know my mom loves me like crazy, but when I really thought about how much I love Paisley, just to think that I have someone that loves me that much too, just makes my heart smile. Words can't even begin to express how much love I have for my baby girl. I just want time to slow down, I am already planning her 2nd Birthday party and I know these next 6 months will fly by so fast and so many things willl change and then I will be a mommy of a 2 year old.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random makeovers....

I so enjoy "making over" things. No matter what it is, there is a sense of accomplishment and joy that I get out of making things my own way. Every so often I will make a "Goodwill stop" and just see what goodies I can find! The things below came from Goodwill except for the picture frame. All I did was sand down the objects and then paint them white and distress them. And then they fit perfectly in my "shabby chic" style home.
The picture frame turned out perfect! Now I just need to fill it up with pictures!

My dessert stand was my favorite makeover! The top was a cheese holder/cover and the bottom was a candlestick. They worked perfectly together!!

And the last one is the stool. I had been wanting one in the bathroom to sit on when giving Paisley her baths and also to have for Paisley when she is old enough to stand on for washing her hands and brushing her teeth. This was the perfect height!

You never know what you might find at Goodwill that can make you happy! Just use a little imagination and paint and it can totally change the look of things!

It's so much fun!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paisley's 1st Birthday Party

On Wednesday Paisley was 15 months old! I can't believe it, it really is amazing how fast it goes. Life has been so busy that I have not even had the time to blog about her birthday party that I spent hours on end trying to make perfect for my little cupcake.

I love planning parties and I had so much fun planning this one. I started planning when Paisley was 6 months old. Everything was pretty much handmade by me and I really put a lot of thought and time into the details. It makes it so much more special to me. And I totally enjoyed everybit of it....even when my hands cramped up from cutting the letters for her banner ;)

Below is a proud Momma and Daddy with our "Little Cupcake"
And here is Miss Paisley after her "smash cake" My favorite picture of the day!The Front of our home where everyone entered. Originally the whole party was suppose to be outside in the front yard, until we were rained out and I STRESSED like crazy trying to figure out how to fit 60 people in our home and how to set everything up 3 hours before the party. Did I mention I was STRESSED?Here are some of the centerpieces I made out of plant pots, I painted them and decorated each one differently and then stuffed them with tissue paper and put a red pom pom on top for the cherry. The scrapbook paper said "Look who came" and all the guests signed this as they came in, I will be using this in Paisley's scrapbook. Here is the back porch- where everything was moved to once the rain started. It worked out great anyways! This was the "Make your own apron" station for the kids.
Here is the close up of sign I made for the table. The kids decorated their own apron before they went to the Cupcake table.
Paisley's cake eating spot with the highchair tutu and banner that I made. Banner said "I am 1".
The Drink table- if you look closely you can see the banner of pictures. It started with her birth picture and went all the way to 12 months.
The plate, napkin, and chip table. Pom Poms hanging were also made by me.
Here is a table of pictures of Paisley and a collection of Paisley's cupcakes.
And this was the Cupcake table! My favorite part of the party! We had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with pink, yellow, and purple icing. And then there were 6 bowls with fun toppings for the cupcakes! This table was a hit! Even the adults loved it!
We had sprinkles, M&Ms, marshmellows, crushed Oreos, chocolate chips and Nerds!
Happy Birthday banner I made out of doilies and scrapbook paper. I couldn't find big enough letters, so I just hand cut each one...took forever but it looked great! Inside where everyone put Paisley's presents....I don't think she got enough?! Ha!
The rain stopped right before the party started, so we were able to be outside afterall!
All of our WONDERFUL family and friends! We are so blessed!
Paisley's BIG Cupcake, made specially by Mommy ;)

Helping Paisley blow out her candle. She couldn't wait to dig into that thing!
And once she did...She was one happy 1 year old!
The Party lasted all night! I was happy I got to use my cupcake lights!
Here is Paisley with ALL her gifts! This Princess got EVERYTHING she wanted! We are so blessed to have our Paisley! Our lives wouldn't be the same without her. She brings so much joy and excitement to our lives. And I can't wait to start planning her next birthday party! I just hope this growing up thing slows down a bit....its going by way too fast. :(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our 2nd Home Sweet Home

Wow! It has been almost a month since we have been home from Daytona Beach, our favorite place to be next to home. I have been meaning to put up a post about our vacation but have been so busy! Here are a few pictures of MANY that I took. We had a terrific time, it's always our relaxing week away from EVERYTHING. All we do is sleep, eat, and play in the water. Its. the. best. feeling. EVER. We have been going to Daytona for 22 years now as a family "tradition". And this year seemed to be a little different than last. Last year I was pregnant with Miss Paisley and this year she was with us! And let me tell you, this little girl had a blast and a lot of "firsts" this trip. I love being with my family in Daytona, but now it's even more special to have our own little family within our BIG family.
Paisley's First Time at Sun Viking Lodge
(and yes she jumped on the bed like we used to as soon as we got there)

Paisley's First Time at Aunt Catfish's
Our most favorite restaurant- we get a picture here EVERY Year
Paisley's First Time watching Fireworks! She LOVED them!

Paisley's First Sunrise
(Well, actually being outside and watching the sunrise :P)
I love this one...too sweet
Paisley's First Time playing in the sand and EATING it too!
Couldn't resist this....she played to hard the day before :)My FAV mother/daughter picture of us- She is my SUNSHINE Our Family
Our Paisley Brooke 7 Months old
God has truly Blessed us!
Our Goodbye to Mr. Viking!

Until we meet again next year....By then Paisley will be standing next to the Viking :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls with Flowers in their Hair...

I have a new little project I have been working on! Not only am I making flowers for babies but I have fallen in love with the fabric flowers for myself! So I decided to start making them as well :)They are so casual but add some flair to any outfit! I sell both for babies and women. The name for my new designs is Shabby Blossoms Accessories.

Paisley and Me at a baby shower for cousin Emalynn and of course both of us wearing flowers in our hair!

I just love the way they look! I have made them so they slide on and off of headbands but you can also put them on a clip and wear in your hair or use as a broach on a sweater or shirt!

3 Blossoms together with Spring and Summer colors
2 Blossoms together with Animal Print 1 Blossom with Teal & Black, frayed edges for a "shabby" look

I have started making hair bow holders too! Perfect way to keep the flowers in good shape and easy way to match the bows with an outfit!

I just had to add a picture in of Paisley wearing her big flower for her 7 month picture! I love how in this picture it looks like she is pointing at the paper. Geez I love my baby girl so much!
If anyone is interested in purchasing flowers or hair bow holders please leave me a comment with your email and I will send you more information and more pictures.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week! I know I will...leaving for vacation on Wednesday! Woohoo!