Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's see how this goes....

As if Myspace and Facebook weren't enough, I have now decided to blog! My husband doesn't understand it and says I don't have time for it....well I really don't have time for it but I think it's my "me" time. He enjoys watching hunting shows for his time and I enjoy being on the computer doing anything and everything! I have a very busy life, we seem to always be going somewhere and doing something all the time, but thats our life and I love it! Yesterday was the first time we stayed home all day long. It was basically because my daughter, Paisley, was sick :( She got her cold for the very first time, it's so sad! It's amazing how you can love a person so much, everyone can describe it but you never really know until your have your own baby! Ok- well we are out the door again.....Hopefully I will keep the blogging up and not get too busy to not have my "me" time! We will see :)


  1. Hey Mallory!!! Blogging is a lot, A LOT of fun! I've slacked for a while now but I'm determined to start it up with at least a weekly update! Glad you're part of this world now ; )Give Paisley some lovin for me and tell Mike I said hey and to leave you alone! :D LOVE!

  2. haha I will!! I've always wanted to do it and finally figured out how! I know theres not much purpose but I really enjoy it so far :) I need to see you soon....Miss Paisley is getting big!