Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day at home~

Today I stayed home from work with my Paisley, precious girl is still sick and I wanted to be the one to take care of her. She was up all last night coughing so I think she needs her mommy today, even though I know her Gramma would have taken great care of her too :) I cleaned my house on Sunday so today I can just enjoy a clean house and yes be on the computer for my "me" time while Paisley is napping next to me.
I love decorating and changing things up. Since we have been married, my kitchen has been decorated in Roosters, I like it but not what I want now. The rest of my house is done in the "shabby chic" look and I LOVE it! I would like to switch my kitchen into shabby chic too but have not had the time or enough ideas to do so. Here are a few photos of what I eventually would like it to look like.....

I LOVE THIS!!!!! and this.....

While looking for shabby kitchens I came across a cute playhouse.... Oh I can't wait until Paisley is old enough to have a playhouse, and I'm sure Daddy will build her anything she wants! This one is so cute...

I love the colors of this!

The inside is so darling!

Oh my! This one is like a mini me of our home...wow...too cute!

One day...soon enough :)
I'm now going to take care of my Paisley and work on centerpieces I am making for my mother in laws 50th birthday....I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm in charge of all the decorating and well pretty much everything (which I love being in charge) I love all the small details when planning a party! My dream job would be party planning....so wish I could get paid for it! Pictures will be posted after her party in 2 weeks. Everyone have a beautiful day!


  1. Hi Mallory! Happy to see you in the blogging world :) I hope all is well and that Paisley is feeling better. I love the kitchen pictures - too cute!