Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paisley's 1st Birthday Party

On Wednesday Paisley was 15 months old! I can't believe it, it really is amazing how fast it goes. Life has been so busy that I have not even had the time to blog about her birthday party that I spent hours on end trying to make perfect for my little cupcake.

I love planning parties and I had so much fun planning this one. I started planning when Paisley was 6 months old. Everything was pretty much handmade by me and I really put a lot of thought and time into the details. It makes it so much more special to me. And I totally enjoyed everybit of it....even when my hands cramped up from cutting the letters for her banner ;)

Below is a proud Momma and Daddy with our "Little Cupcake"
And here is Miss Paisley after her "smash cake" My favorite picture of the day!The Front of our home where everyone entered. Originally the whole party was suppose to be outside in the front yard, until we were rained out and I STRESSED like crazy trying to figure out how to fit 60 people in our home and how to set everything up 3 hours before the party. Did I mention I was STRESSED?Here are some of the centerpieces I made out of plant pots, I painted them and decorated each one differently and then stuffed them with tissue paper and put a red pom pom on top for the cherry. The scrapbook paper said "Look who came" and all the guests signed this as they came in, I will be using this in Paisley's scrapbook. Here is the back porch- where everything was moved to once the rain started. It worked out great anyways! This was the "Make your own apron" station for the kids.
Here is the close up of sign I made for the table. The kids decorated their own apron before they went to the Cupcake table.
Paisley's cake eating spot with the highchair tutu and banner that I made. Banner said "I am 1".
The Drink table- if you look closely you can see the banner of pictures. It started with her birth picture and went all the way to 12 months.
The plate, napkin, and chip table. Pom Poms hanging were also made by me.
Here is a table of pictures of Paisley and a collection of Paisley's cupcakes.
And this was the Cupcake table! My favorite part of the party! We had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with pink, yellow, and purple icing. And then there were 6 bowls with fun toppings for the cupcakes! This table was a hit! Even the adults loved it!
We had sprinkles, M&Ms, marshmellows, crushed Oreos, chocolate chips and Nerds!
Happy Birthday banner I made out of doilies and scrapbook paper. I couldn't find big enough letters, so I just hand cut each one...took forever but it looked great! Inside where everyone put Paisley's presents....I don't think she got enough?! Ha!
The rain stopped right before the party started, so we were able to be outside afterall!
All of our WONDERFUL family and friends! We are so blessed!
Paisley's BIG Cupcake, made specially by Mommy ;)

Helping Paisley blow out her candle. She couldn't wait to dig into that thing!
And once she did...She was one happy 1 year old!
The Party lasted all night! I was happy I got to use my cupcake lights!
Here is Paisley with ALL her gifts! This Princess got EVERYTHING she wanted! We are so blessed to have our Paisley! Our lives wouldn't be the same without her. She brings so much joy and excitement to our lives. And I can't wait to start planning her next birthday party! I just hope this growing up thing slows down a bit....its going by way too fast. :(


  1. That was a beautiful birthday for a beautiful lil girl. You did a great job Mallory.
    Take care and maybe we will meet again in west Kentucky at the hunting lodge this fall. I will be cooking there again if all goes as planned.